A freaking day out..

A night before the trip there was a lot of confusion, fear and nervousness about the trip and unknown people who are going to accompany on this new journey of fantasies and there was dilemma between dare to trust and be safe,.

Finally the dream of being free comes true when she got on to this first ever dare (trip).

The trip begins with a drive of about 100 km with some of the beautiful sittings on her way of farms and lakes and finally ends having breakfast at a local tiffin center. The first site of the fort can be seen as she steps out of the car, near the breakfast point. It seems a huge, kind of red stone fort at first sight. After having breakfast everyone in the group head towards the fort, and entered the main gate and an elevated solid reddish rock plateau gives the perfect feeling of fear and thrills. The trek to reach the top of the fort started, at first it was pretty easy and fun but as the altitude increases, breathing and fear of heights hits hard and then came the moment when she felt, she is going to quit and may fall out of breath.

But however, she continues to nothing but everything, this was the move that was limiting her, stopping her with all that she have in mind, all that she feared her life and thoughts that grow and finally ends with that move. When she kept moving and overcome the fear there was the freedom…

Bhongir fort

This was the feeling of living, tasted for the first time in life. There absolutely nothing running in the background in her mind no fears, no pain, no fantasies and no confusions, she was living in the present with her full mind and body actively present in that moment. A very common thing for all but a very rare feeling for her.

After that one hardest level or pain, she didn’t feel any difficulty in achieving her next levels to reach the submit. There was smiles, confidence, faith, happiness and fullness towards life and it was one of the best moments, that she lived.

Then at last but not the least there was a thrilling stunt of rappelling activity, which was achieved in no time, like a piece of cake. This beautiful journey teaches to never stop believing in yourself, the life is never out of time to achieve anything, and the hardest fear or limit or what so ever it is that’s stops you is the biggest enemy, because as you defeat this one big asshole, there is no one to stop you then.


Happily Ever After.. โค

They reached a distance place, where there were soldiers and other loyal army men of the kingdom. “Aye Aye Captain!” They salute and greeted turning towards Belle. Daniel was unspeakable to this,…and could not believe his eyes, he kept staring at her..-“Welcome prince Daniel”, said one of the leaders in the group. “What’s happening” Daniel asked in a confused and gasping way.

Khawla bint Al-Azwar

“There is a conspiracy against you and the king sir, our ๐Ÿ‘‘kingdom is in danger. But nothing to panic prince Daniel, we got everything in control”. “Where is father” “Is he alright”, he asked, “he is safe with my father and his guards”…. Belle replied.

“Thank you mam!”, it’s my duty prince. “We should move now, there might be an attack anytime soon”. “Yes captain..! We got our traitor, -you were right about the Veggie guy”. “Riff has been arrested right after, sending signals to the enemy. The enemy is approaching as per the plan”.

Belle said “Great let them reach the place we decided and as I said before, make sure we give them final chance to peace”. “Yes captain…” he said.

There was a battle and won by Belle and her army. Riff was sickened by seeing captain Belle, -he confessed everything, including friendship with Belle -was to get into the palace. To let the enemy in..and murder prince Daniel at the ball. Which is why Belle took him from the dance hall to safety.

No people at the ball were harmed, as everything was planned. Belle is a loyal secret soldier to the palace, and is very brave just like her father…she switched back to her normal household worker attire (she has been living like this, to protect the royal family)….

We all have that one secret soldier or fighter, that warrior in ourselves… Who is always fighting, always brave.. We just tend to hide it in our day to day life.

And yes, they all lived happily ever after… โฃ

To the beginning

So, yeah I added some details.. if you don’t know what I am talking about then check out this first Once upon a time.

Once upon a time (ahh here we go again) there lived a guy named.. Riff (a guy??!! Wait what!!?; well I hope this one is different), -in a distance place near the river of the town. He was charming, tall, handsome and more over a happy person. NO complains.. NO demands.. NO worries.. He says to them who poke him at his peaceful but yet struggling life. He is a merchant and works very hard, he sells vegetables to the people in town, including the palace. Whenever there is a requirement, he rushes to the palace with his friend “Orsa” (the horse). It’s not like Orsa was his only friend. Caizi was his childhood friend and adores him truly. Riff has the idea about this but he wasn’t willing to admit that, he takes her only as a friend. And thinks he may loose his friendship with her.

One fine day comes..a royal call for asking Riff to be present in the palace, as the prince Daniel’s arrival marked an unexpected cheering movements in the city. As Riff reached the place, he saw a lot of huge decorations going on. People are rushing here and there for the arrangements. And he was left unattended. So, he decides to get into the kitchen to deliver his goods.

The load was too much for him to see in the front and distracted by the stir, he fells straight on the person who was passing by. He immediately apologize and approach to help her. Belle gave her hand and they both saw each other for the first time.

Belle helped Riff till the kitchen. She works there as a house hold worker. ‘Some jealous people says that, she only got this job because her father, as he is an ex-employee to the palace.’

As they two were having a conversation, which may have turn into a romantic movement โค. The sweet season was ended ๐Ÿ’”by girls cheering and giggling, prince Daniel.. He arrived..he is so handsome..! Both of them walks out the kitchen and joined others to have a look. And welcome Prince Daniel.

Daniel is a tall, handsome and stylish person. He seemed to be sharp, sturdy and his behaviour indicates the same old Royalty style. After all this both Belle and Riff left for the day. Next day the king announced the Royal party to all his neighborhood and fellow country men. Everyone in the town is very happy about the party. People made their arrangements for the dance and dinner.

Belle also decided to visit with her father. And no, she didn’t wished for a dress (or prince). As they arrived at the palace, they saw beautiful decorations and amazing food served with best wine. Her father engage himself with food and friends. And Belle’s eyes were finding Riff. He was looking dashing and a bit nervous, as he was about to ask Belle for the dance.

Both of them tries to approach each other towards the center of the dance hall, and suddenly Belle was caught by prince Daniel…he was trying to get away from the other neighbouring princesses. So, he took Belle and they started dancing. Belle couldn’t say anything and she had her eyes on Riff. After few moves she notice Riff disappeared in the dark towards the back door.

By that time she and prince was surrounded by dancers. And in a no movement Belle grabs prince Daniel and runs towards the stairs, Daniel gets confused with this behaviour. “Why are we running?, Who are you?, Where are you taking me?” He yells. “Just keep running, I’ll let you know” Belle replied. And in this barrel – Daniel left his one shoe on the staircase.

And yes, that….glass shoe ..actually belongs to a Prince๐Ÿ˜‰.

Once upon a time…

A long time ago, there lived a girl named Belle. And obviously as the story always goes _she was in hell lot of troubles. At a distance place from the village, she lives in an old broken house, with an old broken father …(I’m mean literary broken)..(he lost an arm while he was serving the Queen, years ago) -(who is trying hard to lower his burden and always reminding his daughter that soon a day he’ll get her married off to a good man) (economically of course) and a broken heart ๐Ÿ’”. (Well yes, a broken heart, b’cause every story starts with these details DA!)

So, as I was saying..it’s a very very sad story of a girl.. Who is probably waiting for her Prince Charming to rescue her..

So, finaaally……! the day arrives when there is a Royal Ball at the kingdom and obviously belle doesn’t have a pretty dress so she wished for one (prince) ๐Ÿ˜‰.

And at the dance everyone was curious about ..who that ๐Ÿ˜ lucky girl is…

And it’s 12′ O and both of them rushed… And left with one shoe.

And Happy Ending… Da..!

Oh wait did I miss something…hmmm ๐Ÿค”, yeah alright let me rewind.. Till then you guys take a break..

“The first date”

Dealing with depression, social anxieties and what not on a daily basis, she was always heard from her friends and colleagues that, “that’s y you are single”. Dating is the trending hype everywhere.

If she is dating, people have problem with it and if she is happily single people still feel she needs to be changed, after hearing from many _ she just started to take this relationship thing in a positive way and hoped that giving a positive chance to herself is actually not a bad idea, maybe things will get better.

After weeks she a got a text from one of her ex-classmate with whom she never interacted before nor was his friend. There was this simply conversation going on when he asked “ever dated”, the answer was no_ then another question ” why ? “, she replied about her anxieties and fear, after few moments he said “maybe we should date”, she asked “joking, maybe a bet or what? ” He replied “not a joke, you should give a chance to dating”. “Would you like to go out on a date with me? “.

Now here comes the fear again, she says “I’m not sure what dating is or what you are expecting, as I never dated anyone so?!”, He replied “even I haven’t dated anyone, this is my first date”. “First of all I would like to see some of your pictures”, and tell me your wishes and desires, I will fulfill your wishes “. She replied “there is no end for wishes and desires, let’s just start with being friends”

After a few texts she gets an Instagram link and then deleted, “what was the message you deleted? “, he resends the link and she opens the page titled “couple goals “. With pictures of couples being intimate with each other, she asked “Are these your expectations?”, he replies ” you don’t like these things right? “, “I don’t think girls like this”, she says, “many does, maybe you don’t because you haven’t done it, maybe you are scared” he said, “if you know that I’m scared then why scaring me”, she says, “maybe you will enjoy it”, he replied.

After moments the girl says “I don’t think you want to discuss it now, we are just talking right now, not even dating”, he replied ” It’s better to discuss now before starting, what if we don’t share that moment, what if you don’t allow me”, the girl replies “those are feelings and no matter how much you discuss them now, it depends on time whether I will develop those feelings for you or not”.

“Yes agreed”, he says “but there are people who would not like to do anything before they get married”, “and I’m one of them” she replied, and “I’m not” he said.

There was nothing much left after this, a girl who was dealing with her anxieties but still thought of moving on, but this conversation got her back to where she started from, with fears and same old trust issues and thoughts, that whether he was showing interest just to have intimacy, or does he really like me?.

She also gave a second thought that maybe she is wrong to reject him as he was just being practical and making his choices very clear, or was wrong to select him as he was so clear about his desire for dating is intimacy.

She was traumatized by many questions in mind, Is this how it works for every single or it’s just for me? Am I a sex object, to whom people can directly ask, I want this moment in relationship – I’m discussing it today so that you don’t disappoint me tomorrow. Was this all conversation fake, a made up so called “First Date” fantasy to achieve the desire?

There are no answers…!

Well there are answers……..

And the answer is ..it’s her choice to be whatever she wants to be. The answer is she made her decision as he did. In this fast trending world.. Ohh no “cool world” Isn’t it the best and coolest thing to be whatever you want to be. Do whatever you like ..then why it’s just about being practical. Why should we refrain this coolness for some other sorts. Like being interested in a practical relationship is cool .. But then why not being in a loving relationship is?

Why not being faithful or sensitive or quiet or imaginable or caring or dreaming is? There is trending world around us and we say things are changing ..but what we never realize that we are causing this change. Every thought, every trend is set up by us. And we only embrace that, what we want for ourselves.. But why not we want good, why refrain ourselves.

The answer is she doesn’t refrained herself, she wants the “coolest” for herself and not only she will take the coolest one but also decides her own meaning of “coolest”.

And yes, that’s why she is single…..!