Sepicalm 3% by Be minimalist

Hello beauties..!

Looking for a good moisturizer, well here I have a product that might delight you.

Before moving on, Let’s talk about “Be Minimalist” as brand.. It is recently launched a few months back and at first faced criticism for copying the packaging of  “The Ordinary” which is a foreign based company, which makes similar skincare products with actives. But they eventually gain trust and popularity from customers around India. Now I must say that it is truly doing great, as I am also one of them. Using there products from quite a good time and found them to be pleasing. Their customer service is also nice. They do have options on all media service and their website with loads of info.

Be minimalist Sepicalm
Be minimalist Sepicalm

The products includes some potent ingredients and actives but lets keep them for further. For now, I have their basic light moisturizer, which completely matches with my recent blog on minimal skincare.

Sepicalm 3% + Oats moisturizer is a light, hydrating and fragrance free which can be used in both AM and PM routine. It mentions all the ingredients on packaging, doesn’t cause any rashes or acnes, it mentions that it for all skin types which I believe so.

At first I didn’t like it, as I felt some yeast type of smell while applying but it went off after few uses, it’s good soft and creamy in texture comes in a small sturdy tub. However, for dry skin it might feel less moisture for obvious reasons and usually after applying a sunscreen. Now you might say it is because of sunscreen, as some of them contain matte finish formula but here I am using the same sunscreen with other moisturizers and the results are different. The others are not drying but this one is a bit drying on skin. However, it gives light moisture at PM, which is good and I love to top it up with a face oil.

It may vary from person to person so, that is what I felt, I have normal to dry skin type with a bit oily T-zone – you may experience other results too. Overall it is a good soft product which I am positive about. And definitely recommend a try. Coming to ingredients they’re amazing😍. All are safe humectants and some safe preservatives.

So that’s it from me guys.. I would recommend this moisturizer and mostly it will work for all skin types.

PS: please do a patch test before using any new product.

You can buy it here.