Good vibes rosehip serum

Hello all welcome to another review, this time it’s the miraculous face oil “Rosehip”. Now we all know the amazing benefits rosehip has, it’s has the olic acid which makes it non grease and light on skin.

It brightens the skin, good for acne, works for anti aging process and reduces wrinkles. I have been using a blended face oil from the brand “PLUM ” Which does contain rosehip too, and will review that soon but for now I have it from “Good Vibes “.

A very popular and affordable brand good vibes has been in trends since, it was launched on an another popular online store Purple. It has been promoted as one of their standard brand and was impressing many beauties.

While coming to product, it is used by my sister who is around her mid 20s, she has acne skin type and some pigmentation. Now if you are not counted in this type, you can still use the product but be sure to do a patch test.

Starting with the texture, it’s thick I felt that it’s bit thick and heavy at first on hand but it easily gets absorbed into the skin. It is non grease, don’t cause any rashes and doesn’t further trigger acne, doesn’t makes the skin shiney. It is colour less and have mild fragrance of dry rose. Which is amazing smell. Even though rose tend to have strong fragrance but this is very mild dry rose And I’m sure it won’t be a problem.

So, my sister using this daily since 2 weeks, as night serum after cleansing and she is quite happy with it. She felt plumpy and soft, it does work on pigmentation but very very slowly.. Surprisingly it has lighten the open pores around cheek but doesn’t seem to work on acne. It’s still there. it’s a neither good nor bad type of product.

If you guys are looking for an affordable skin enhancer then this will not disappoint you. But if you are looking for a product to work on targeted area or issue then I would not suggest this.

I have seen many online reviews about this product being excellent but I would say it may be to those who are consistent with their routines and using a lot of other skincare essentials accompanied by this product or are people from their teenage to early 20s.

For matured skin type and for someone who is irregular and doesn’t follow all step by step process or use limited products then, this product will not make a huge difference. And also there is no need for this product if you are following a simple and targeted routine. It can be handy for normal body and skin massage etc.

That’s it from me.. Let me know how feel about the product/ blog. Suggestions are always welcome. See you soon.. ! Bye bye!